Monday, January 26, 2015

24 Hour Technology Log

Before posting my log I have to say keeping track of when I used any form of technology was an interesting experience. I'm glad that I have gotten over my embarrassment of how much of my life I spend on the internet and my abnormal sleep habits or it would be extremely difficult to actually publish this information. My internet time was probably cut down from normal only because the internet went down over campus for a few hours. On top of that the lack of interaction on my phone wasn't surprising considering my lack of a smart phone and distaste for talking on phones in general.  

This log starts at 10am on January 25th and extended until 10am on January 26th. Please keep in mind that the time table is in military time.  


     1000Start iHome Alarm
     1030  Refrigerator
     1035  Electric Teapot
     1133 – Phone (Text)
1139-1144 – Browse Internet (Laptop)
     1145 – Phone (Text)
     1146  Refrigerator
1200-1225  Stove Top
1228-1237 – Watch Internet Videos (Laptop)
1300-1503 – Watch Movie (Laptop)
1330-1405 – Microsoft Word (Laptop)
1505-1610 – Read PDF(Laptop)
1525-1535 – Phone(Call)
1655-2320 – Browse Internet (Laptop)
1813-2046 – Skype (Laptop)
     2225 – Printer


0115-0125 – Browse internet (Laptop)
0125-0211 – Microsoft Word (Laptop)
0215-0230 – Browse internet (Laptop)
0230-0248 – Skype (Laptop)
0250-0302 – Browse internet (Laptop)
     0303 – Freezer 
     0304 – Refrigerator
     0304 – Microwave 
     0305 – Toaster 
0315-0400 – Browse internet (Laptop)
     1000End iHome Alarm

*NOTE: Some of these technological uses were together

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