Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Identify Yourself - Reation

The website itself was a very interesting read. While the design and layout of the site is something I'd associate with the early 2000 it is deceptive. The site had so many embedded links and pop ups that it's simplistic layout merely hides how complex the and interactive the site is. I found it slightly disconcerting however that when scrolling down and reading one column the text and images on the other side would jump around.

The passage that I focused in on was the passage on The Body. This passage used the body to not so much describe the physical changes of the human form but rather as an analysis of the changing of communication that technology has lead to. How we interact with others and technology. It brings into light how fine tuned we are into technology, going as far as to even imagine technology's call. Technology has become a part of our body. It is like a phantom limb, you feel it even when it is gone. Society today has adapted technology and given text a form of it's own that is to be leaner just as body language is learned. How big is the disconnect between online interaction and physical? I'd argue that it is smaller than it was before especially now with present culture changing their bodies and actions to promote internet and technological activity.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Vector Project Update

With Original Image 

Without Original Image
Progress for the portrait is moving along slowly but steadily. Color was introduced and shading and detail on he hair, neck, and face was completed. The eyes still need work and the clothes still need shading and detail added in. The background has been started but still has a long way to go.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Vector Portraits - Basic Tracings


Basic Tracing 

Asher Benson


Asher Benson is an Illustrator/Vector Artist. She has been active in the vector community of DeviantART for the past 9 years and currently works as a contracted Vector Artist/ Freelancer. Her work focuses on around color and it's application of it line segment by line segment.[1]  Her favorite Adobe Illustrator tool/effect is Gaussian Blur.[2] She was featured in Adobe's Master Class: Illustrator Inspiring artwork and tutorials by established and emerging artists book published in 2012.[1] Being part of the DeviantART community she spends often publishes tutorials as well as various stages of her pieces.

Benson normally starts with a sketch and using that as a locked base for her work. It is very eye catching work that is apealing to the eye. Benson stated that her work with vectors "that complex and mathematical program" changed her life. "I was a person who was very afraid of color and mistakes, I worked lightly and hated the idea of permanence. With Adobe Illustrator, I have come out of my shell and brightened my drab and dreary world with explosive color and experimentation"
That color is seen clearly in her work. The play of gradients the shades. All of it is a way to bring a emotion to an seemingly boring and format. Her colors bring light and emotion even when using a more subdued pallet such as the piece bellow.

Benson's artwork is amazingly detailed. Her manipulation of shading using gradients brings a great deal of depth to her images. Her layers upon layers of shading and detail to the body and it's accessories makes it so there is always something new to see when looking at once of her pieces. Despite the non-realistic style of her drawings the images still have an amazing control of anatomy and texture, whether it be jewelry or the folds of clothing. Her work takes sketching and then uses the benefits of vectors to give is more depth and detail than possible in another format.